Summer Classes 

Join one of DCA's summer classes and continue to train your cheer skills throughout the summer with our certified coaches!

Registration is now open.  

Jump & Stretch Class: (Ages 6+)

This class is for athletes looking to improve their jump technique, and overall flexibility & strength. Athletes will focus on conditioning, stretching and jump drills to help improve their height and flexibility.

Open Tumbling: (Ages 6+)

This class is for athletes looking for some extra time to work individually on their tumbling skills.  A coach will be there to supervise and help athletes. 

Stunt Technique: (Ages 6+)

This class is for bases, back spots, and flyers to work together on their stunt technique.  Athletes will be grouped together according to level.

Flyer Training: (Ages 8+)

Flyer training involves much more than working with a stunt group.  This flyer training class will help flyers work on flexibility, proper body positions, balance, strength, and coordination to help them succeed as a flyer. 

Flyer Stunt Training: (Ages 8+)

Flyer stunt training will have flyers working with experienced bases/backspots made up of our coaches.  This class will help flyers improve specific stunting skills for their level. 

Little Ninja Class: (Ages 4-6)

This class is for all the little ninjas out there, both boys and girls ages 4-6.  Come jump, flip and tumble with us in this fun filled ninja class!

Check Out Cheer Class: (Ages 6-12)

Interested in trying out a cheer class? DCA's Check Out Cheer Class is perfect for new athletes interested in trying out the sport of cheer and seeing what all the excitement is about!  This class will introduce athletes to cheer jumps, tumbling and stunting.  A great way to get active, have fun and meet new friends! 


Tumbling (Ages 6+)

    Athletes will focus on tumbling shapes, strength, drills and tumbling skills in these classes.  Athletes should register as per their tumbling skill level.  If required, athletes will be separated into beginner or advanced within each levelled class. 

  • Tumbling Lvl 1 -athletes working on forward/backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, working front/back walkovers, roundoffs and connection of skills.
  • Tumbling Lvl 2 -athletes must have strong level 1 tumbling skills, athletes will be working back handspring, round off BHS connections, front handsprings and specialty passes.
  • Tumbling Lvl 3 -athletes must have strong level 2 tumbling skills, athletes will be working on multiple BHS, RO-BHS-BT, RO-BT, punch fronts, aerials and specialty passes.
  • Tumbling Lvl 4 - athletes must have strong level 3 tumbling skills, athletes will be working on layouts, standing BT's, BHS-BT and specialty passes.

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