At DCA we offer 3 cheer programs for athletes, recreational cheer, prep cheer and elite cheer teams.  Each program has a different level of commitment, requirements, and skill level. However all programs have Fun, Friendships and Teamwork!  Below is a brief out line of the programs, more information has been released in our Season 9 Handbook.

Join the excitement and the DCA family!   Season 9 Handbook is now available!



     Elite cheer is our biggest program here at DCA and runs from age 6 and up. Our elite teams require athletes to attend a tryout, so they are placed on the best team for them this season. Within cheerleading there are levels 1 to 7 and teams are split according to age and level. Elite teams train twice a week for 1.5 to 2 hours each practice.  Athletes will learn a 2.5 minute routine and compete at 5-6 competitions. 

     Tryouts are fun, easy, and run just like a regular practice. No experience necessary as our certified coaches will teach athletes everything they need to know about cheer. Tryouts allow our coaches the opportunity to work with all athletes and make sure they are placed on the team that best show cases their strengths. Our coaches look at an athlete’s entire skill set. This includes tumbling, stunting, pyramids, jumps and dance. We also consider an athletes’ age, position, coach ability, work ethic and maturity when forming teams. We want to set up all teams and athletes for a successful season.

  • Registration for Season 9 Tryouts is now open.  



     Our prep teams are a great way for athletes age 5-16, with little or no experience to get into the world of All-Star cheerleading. This program focuses on proper body control, movements, motions, tumbling and stunting in a fun team-based environment. Prep is less commitment with once a week classes for 1.5 hours. Athletes will learn a 2 minute cheer routine that includes all aspects of cheer and compete at 2-3 competitions.  No tryout is required, athletes need to register through our online registration to join one of our prep teams. Prep teams will start in September.

  • Registration for Season 9 is now open.  Spots fill up quickly, so register now! 


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